In a land much like ours...

Banwalt, one of the four marshes of Harlant, 1622. While the newest heir to the Arzswin family is trying to gain influence over the city, the once renowned city guard is struggling to keep theirs as the need for grand adventure steadily declines. Even in a world in which magic is commonplace, people are afraid of change.

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 Canon Directory, Rulers, Nobles, Leaders, Diplomats
 Posted: Feb 23 2017, 05:09 PM
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Rules & Info

Maerish canons do not come with activity requirements. They do come with a heightened responsibility - be sure you want to stick around before taking up a canon!

There is a one canon per category per player rule, to encourage people playing with each other, and not themselves.

Our canons are purposely kept short to give the player maximum control over the character. You have absolute freedom regarding your play-by and anything that is not explicitly mentioned in a canon's description including age, species, gender identity and orientation, alignment, history, etc. You may also give them middle names. You can also absolutely create additional family members to the noble families below!

Making an lgb+ canon straight, a trans canon cis or whitewashing a canon is not permitted.

Some canons are marked with "Extra Content". This means that this character has a secret, or there is unknown information about this character. You will receive this information via pm after taking up a canon, after which you can still decide to turn the canon down.

To take up a canon, reply to this topic with the following form:

[Username]: [Header (eg Knight's county, Banwalt's leaders)] - [Canon name]

You then have two weeks to complete your application before losing your reserve.

The Three Monarchs
Kristopher Alwegen
16 // Human // He/Him
An amab boy and youngest crowned ruler of Harlant, King Alwegen is a much discussed monarch in all of Grova. Thought to be a puppet in his advisers hands, little is known about him and rumors are spread far and wide. Apart from few public appearances, he spends his time in his family's residence in Maenstat.
Lauris Ebenweltic
30's // Human // They/Them
A non-binary person and second oldest ruler of Harlant, Rex Ebenweltic is the calm presence that keeps the balance of the kingdom. With a cool head on their shoulders and loyal contacts both within and outside country borders, they rule from a lofty background position and maintain a pristine reputation.
Emmanuelle Lowe
54 // Human // She/Her
An afab woman and the oldest current ruler of Harlant, Queen Lowe is a fierce person with strong principles. She has no qualms about using force to see her will executed and is a tough negotiator. While she prefers to let her actions speak for her, she is a prominent public figure due to the longevity of her reign.
guardian deities of banwalt
- // Guardian Spirit // Xe / Xem
The guardian spirit of the large river running through Banwalt. A lofty and grand personality, they often take the shape of humanoid floating water to appear before unsuspecting onlookers and enjoy meddling with those too close. They enjoy all forms of worship and are said to grant wishes to those who cry in their waters.
120's // Guardian Spirit // ?
The guardian Spirit of the city of Banwalt. Steadily growing in power, this one takes great pride in the city and its inhabitants and is a dutiful and responsible guardian. This one takes a human form to walk among its citizens undetected, and makes no difference between people as long as they are of his city.
90's // Guardian Spirit // She/Her
The guardian spirit of the Banwalt baker’s guild. She appears as a large, warm woman when benevolent, as a fire breathing panther when not. Nicolette favors those who work hard and is more likely to support the truly ambitious and skilled. After her visits, she leaves white flour dust behind.
margraviate ebengruene
Josef of Ebengruene
50's // Human // He/Him
The current Margrave of Ebengruene. Josef is an amab man who was notorious for an iron reign in his youth. Since the war, he has loosened his grip on the land, and much prefers to go hunting.
Maximilienne of E.
30's // Human // She/He
The current heir of the Marque and genderfluid, Maximilienne is the oldest child of Josef. In the past five years she has taken over many official functions from her father and is urging him to retire.
Wargen of E.
30's // Were // ?
A younger sibling of Maximilienne, this heir to Ebengruene is a spare. As a were, they have always been kept close at home, sheltered and secret, but under their siblings reign they are hoping to be free.
noble's county
Alwin of Arzswin
60's // Human // ?
The former county of Arzswin. A person content with being average and stickler for rules. Said to be terminally ill and nearing death, this one has not been seen in public for the last few years.
OPEN - Extra content
Phillip of Arzswin
20's // Human // He/Him
The current count of Arzswin. He is an amab man who seeks to expand his sphere of influence over Banwalt, and with a clear head and strong focus on his goal, he just might achieve his dream.
OPEN - Extra content
Roderick of Arzswin
40's // ? // He/Him
The amab son of Alwin and father to Phillip. A jovial and seemingly universally liked man in his youth. While a decorated war hero, he came home with oddities that had him deemed unfit to rule.
commoner's county
--- Heselin
40's // Shifter // ?
A younger sibling to Florienne, this one is fascinated with forbidden magic and all non-human creatures, and a frequent and very public guest of Timotheus Berhertz' lavish feasts.
OPEN - Extra content
Florienne of Heselin
40's// Shifter // She/Her
The current countess of Heselin and an afab woman, Florienne has ruled Heselin with a steady hand during wartime and continues to be a figurehead for calm leadership.
Suzanna of Heselin
40's // Human // She/Her
Florienne’s wife and an afab woman. Originally from Hojtrave, Suzanna first met Florienne on her travels. Her family is wealthy, but of a lower status than the Heselin's.
knight's county
Martine Berhertz
30's // ? // She/Her
An afab woman, oldest child of Timotheus and current heir to the land. While always seen at her father’s side in public, she is averse to the magical in private.
Timotheus Berhertz
50's // ? // He/Him
The current faux-count of Berhertz, an afab man. A man of grand gestures. He gives grand balls and hosts legendary feasts, visited by human and folk alike.
--- Berhertz
30's // Non-Human // ?
A bastard child of Timotheus that has been growing closer to him lately, and has valid claim to the land if acknowledged. Claims to sincerely care about Timotheus.
Banwalt leaders
Olympe Perreault
70's // Human ? // She/Her
The current head of a wealthy merchant's family. A powerful and opinionated woman since her youth, she has no intention of dying just yet.
Cedric Berewinke
40's // Human // He/Him
The current sovereign leader of Banwalt and direct legacy of Banwalt’s founder. A quiet man struggling to keep his inherited prestige.
Valentin Nicholas
40's // Human // He/Him
The current head of the Banwalt baker’s union. He has led the union aggressively for the last decade and has big ascension plans for his family.
the city guard
Sébastienne Moreau
30's // Human // Ey/Em
The Vidame Sovereign, an agender person. They are quick-witted and value their privacy, while at the same time enjoying the pomp that comes with their position.
Zacharias Kerwer
40's // Human // He/Him
The captain of the city guard. A large man in both size and presence, he seems to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders. Makes bad jokes.
? // Human // She/Her
The town witch of Banwalt, presents as a woman. Always busy, always accompanied by her apprentices, Marceline has little time for a private life.
OPEN - Extra content
The Forest
- // Guardian Spirit// Leafs
The Guardian Spirit of the shallow part of the forest bordering the open lands, Leafs appears as small woodland creatures and will only be referred to by name. Leafs will grant small wishes to forest dwellers who have been wronged.
60's // Fairy // She/Her
The matriarch of a settlement of fairies near the forest’s border large enough to threaten bordering farmland. Despite having a rocky relationship with humans, she is said to have grown soft over the years.
- // Fable // ?
The key ambassador between a large community of fables consisting of different families in tight alliances with each other and the sovereign city of Banwalt. A big talker, but very dangerous when focused.
Good Mother Fairy
- // Fairy // She/Her
A legendary fairy godparent said to live in the shallow part of the forest. Featured in many a tale, folk and children alike, the good mother fairy is said to help those in dire need and accepts only locks of hair as payment.
? // Fable // He/Him
Another legendary figure, this one has made a name for themselves during the last war. They specialize in the trade of enchanted objects and supply local rural witches with rare ingredients. Huge gossip.
Ivy Hut Witch
? // ?// She/Her
The ivy hut witch is a secretive newcomer that has made a name for herself because of her powerful and creative potions. Her namesake is the old, ivy covered hut at the outskirts of the forest she lives in.
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