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 Ties that Bind, Healer / Doctor Folk character
Theodora Arzswin
 Posted: May 16 2017, 03:41 PM
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Open Age
Open FC
Nature Spirit / Fairy

I'm looking for a healer or doctor character for Theodora. Most of the info below is negotiable, and the name, age, FC and history are completely open.

The character is a member of the fae - either a nature spirit or a fairy, although I'm leaning towards nature spirit - and knows how to manipulate magic to mend bones and ease pain. If you are up for it, they are also knowledgeable in the making and tending of prosthetics, specifically a magical one made of organic matter (plant based). They made Theodora's prosthetic, a wooden hand, and get her the strong magic pain relievers and 'blockers' she needs to manage her chronic pain and keep her hip from getting worse.

They are shrewd enough to keep up with Theodora and consider her a friend. I'd love it if we did the old grumpy and direct - bubbly and oblivious combo, but it can be any character type as long as they'd get along with Dora, and she with them. We can also fiddle with their history to come up with a more specific reason for their friendship and mutual respect - especially since Dora is averse to the magical otherwise.

Negotiable history: They and Theodora met shortly after the war - about three years - but definitely during the time she was a mercenary; whether they were also travelling or Theodora passed through where they were living is up to you. They necessarily stay together during the process of prosthetic making, and eventually strike up an odd friendship. The character tags along with Theodora, whether out of their own volition or due to Theodora urging them in one way or the other, and finally settle down with her in Banwalt when she returns. (About 2 years ago IC)

Possible Plots: They've been companions for the better half of a century at least, so there is a LOT we can play out, be it past threads or present conflict. They don't have to be best friends, they can be simply amicable; But they would be one of the few, if not the only close friend of Theodora's atm - therein lies the potential for a lot of fluff, for angst, for mutual confiding into one another in a city that seems foreign to both. There's also conflict potential, considering that Theodora isn't fond of the magical nor the Folk, and yet depends on this character and their magic for survival. I can give more detailed ideas if you want - however I'd like you to really take this and run wild, so we can work stuff out together.

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skin by bonbon.


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