In a land much like ours...

Banwalt, one of the four marshes of Harlant, 1622. While the newest heir to the Arzswin family is trying to gain influence over the city, the once renowned city guard is struggling to keep theirs as the need for grand adventure steadily declines. Even in a world in which magic is commonplace, people are afraid of change.

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Jean-Jacques is a Rooster, and key diplomatic figure between the Fable communities and the city. A big, lofty talker.

We are now officially open!

Come say hello in the cbox and don't hesitate to ask any question you may have!

One Month Anniversary! :>

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 Our One Month Anniversary!, Announcement #2
 Posted: May 4 2017, 02:52 PM
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Announcement #2

One Month!

It's here - our one month anniversary! Maerish started off as it was intended to be, a relaxed place to come play in a fun fairy tale world. Already we're seeing cool character concepts, and our first threads are up and running. To honor the one month mark, here's a few events that will go live over the weekend.

First, our first ever In Character event! The Banwalt baker's guild invites all to a festival celebrating the oncoming spring in the belts of the city. This event will start on Saturday, the 6th of May, and is planned to run for a month. Details to follow.

Next, our first ever Out of Character challenge. Since most of our current members aren't familiar with forum RP, I thought it would be neat to introduce some forum specific features through little, absolutely voluntary challenges. This month's challenge: Character Development Boards! This challenge will start on Saturday, and will run for a month. Details to follow.

Finally, a combination IC - OOC event - a prompt challenge! This prompt challenge will go live tomorrow, and run for one month. It's the smallest of these challenges by far, but a fun little activity that I hope yall enjoy!

Additionally, the all-seeing Admin eye in the header bar is no more. It will be replaced by a 'wanted character' spotlight, that will highlight wanted ads and canon character positions that are highly sought after. This spotlight will change every two weeks.

And that's it for our first month anniversary! I hope you enjoy all the fun events that are planned - and if not, I do hope you'll tell me, so we can all find something better for the second. Let's do this together!

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