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 Oh, to be among the stars [Autumn 1596], Memory Thread // Closed
Sébastienne Moreau
 Posted: Apr 7 2017, 05:57 AM
37 y/o & 14 posts
/ / / / Outcast Child / / / / Vidame Sovereign - Fickle -Played by Vermin

It was always odd, being alone in the big house of eir family. Eir room seemed so small without eir siblings to share it, to squabble and chatter and fight with as siblings should, so stiff and cold. Sébastienne understood eir parents decision, of course; Mariella would go on to be the head of the family, inherit business and name, and it was only right that she should go to the best of the best of boarding schools to complete her formal education. And of course it wouldn't have done to have Thomás keep sharing a room with em still, now that he had reached the age of fourteen and her sister's had so conveniently become vacant.

Ey had been fine with it when eir parents had announced it to em, and ey were fine with it now; but with the furniture moved from the wooden floors and the room half empty, ey couldn't help but want to run outside, grab for the blacksmith's hammer and tear down all the walls and all the doors in the manor. Living on grassy fields, Sébastienne decided then, sitting on eir silken bed sheets, eir legs crossed, must be the highest fortune of all. Living with no walls, no rules, no governor but the sky - the endless, blue sky, home and blanket and friend in the night. The sky was so old, surely it would offer much interesting conversation.

Sébastienne stared at the wall for a while, lost in thought of the friend above the clouds. Then ey let emselves fall to the side, eir head hitting a large, fluffed up pillow. Ey pulled up a blanket, pulled it close to eir heart, and buried eir face within the beloved cloth. One day, ey would go and live among the stars, where ey would never be alone again. There would be light all around em, and warmth and stories and laughter. Soft silk. One day, ey would shine bright among them, and there would be no more walls and doors to keep em from those ey longed to be with. Sébastienne would open them all, and eir siblings would be right there, laughing and shining with her.

The blanket was warm, and the room dead silent. Dried tears made eir cheeks itch, and eir head was heavy and numb. Sébastienne thought about the clouds, and the stars, and mother sky, and imagined eir brother again, talking in big words and numbers ey couldn't yet understand, but talking so wonderfully that ey didn't mind. Sébastienne pulled the blanket closer once again, and not soon after drifted into an exhausted sleep. Ey dreamt of great fortune under the sky and open fields of grass, and by the time ey woke up int he morning, ey had all but forgotten the reason for eir feeling blue.

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