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 Drouwe, Harlant's neighbor & political enemy
 Posted: Jul 17 2017, 05:16 AM
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Lore written & submitted by @Mulac_Snotcloak, ed. AEON

Drouwe is a feudal monarchy, controlled by King Aethelred the meek. According to tradition, the monarch is granted power by an ancient guardian deity, known as Uthras, which gives them their agency and right to rule.

The king divides his power and land between powerful nobles, who then divide their influence and land between lesser nobles, who then divide theirs amoung knights, who are given land and power in exchange for fighting for their lord when war breaks out. Those under that, unless they are craftsmen, clergy, or other freemen, are considered property of whoever owns the land they work.

Culturally, Drouwe can be easily compared to low medieval england, although it does share much with it's neighbour Harlant. It puts particular emphasis and pride on ideas of chivalry and valour, with duels and tournaments common across the land, and a breach of honour is often seen as one of the greatest crimes one can commit. One particularity is that it is tradition for knights (who are seen in very high prestige despite their technically low rank) to carry their swords at all times. This happens to the extent where most nobles carry beautifully carved blades at all functions, although these blades are usually blunt and purely ornamental. However, due to the prestige connected to swords, only nobles are allowed to carry them, and thus most of the population use spears or longbows.

Technologically, Drouwe is almost on the equal to Harlant, although it is far less spread across the population.

After their recent defeat at the hands of Harlant, the kingdom has become more and more fractured, the nobles wrestling for power and influence over their relatively weak, young monarch. Most of the south and centre of the country is scattered with battlefields and castles, results of the war with Harlant and the power struggles that were caused by the death of their previous monarch during the final battle with Harlant, Queen Beatrice the valiant.

In the north too, there are troubles. In the northern weald, territory newly conquered by queen Beatrice, whispers of rebellion swirl in the indigenous population

Additional Lore


Uthras is Drowe's most prominent deity, who is worshipped by most of the population. He is usually represented as a great dragon with golden scales, and is generally seen as a god of order and nobility, and in particular a guardian of the Drouwic royal family. To clerics of Uthras, magic is not to be trusted, as it is seen as a chaotic force, and thus particularly devout followers forswear it all together (although most common people follow a mix of old magical belief, and Uthrasian teachings).

The Greenmantle family

The Greenmantle family used to be one of the five powerful families of Drouwe, although probably the least influential of the five, until, thanks to a great act of dishonour from a distant ancestor (attacking an invited guest, see Percival's backstory), their rights to knighthood were revoked, and although they kept their land, they lost all prestige.

They reside in the north, just before the borders with the northern weald, protecting northern Drouwe from anything coming over the northern border, be that man or beast. Because their Knighthoods were revoked, all Greenmantles are barred from military service, and from carrying swords.

The northern weald.

The northern weald is an area just beyond the mountains in the far north. It is made up of a small highlands area, in the midst of mountains, between the mountains and a small sea border. It is an area of people, collected into small clans. They are a hardy folk and are currently warring with each other and the occupying Drouwic forces.

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