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 Zepherine ((WIP)), 45 // Fable // Thief
 Posted: May 12 2017, 12:51 PM
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45 Years // Citizen // She/Her
Trickster // Thief // Photo Credit to Wikipedia

"Zepherine, Zepherine, what have you brought for Zepherine?"

The bird that would become known as Zepherine was born in a nest on the outskirts of Banwalt. Nestled atop a long-abandoned and cramped house, the magpie family was undisturbed by the goings-ons of humanity. Some of her earliest memories are of that dilapidated house, and watching her siblings titter about the nest made up of twigs and random stolen knick-knacks from humanity. She would have remained a normal magpie until the end of her days, had it not been for a fateful trip into the forest near the bustling city. A year after her plumage had grown in and she took her first flight from the nest, the magpie was searching for food in the wild forest; beneath her she could see the dense foliage, as well as potential nourishment. However, before the magpie could swoop down for a bite to eat, the world went dark.

Where there had once been little else but animal instinct and a determination to survive, thoughts and intellect began to sprout forth. Gone was the magpie who had been born in the nest above the abandoned house, and in her place was something else. The entity now inhabiting the shell of the magpie looked out onto the greenery of the forest with curious eyes, her head tilted to the side. Alighting atop a tree branch, she regarded her new form with wide, keen eyes. This form will be useful,thought the entity in the bird's body,I wonder what surprises lay below. This was the first coherent thought that had passed through the magpie's mind in its year of existence. Preening herself for a moment, the entity riffled through the magpie's few memories, getting a better feeling for the world beyond the forest.

"Curiouser and curiouser!" She chirped to herself, intrigued by the buildings within the magpie's earliest memories."What a wide world this is!" For a moment, indecision struck her- as far as she could tell from what few memories were within the magpie's head, the building was abandoned, but two-legged creatures sometimes passed by the house on their way to some far-off destination. As curious as she was, the forest seemed safe, and she regarded the forest floor far beneath her tree branch with keen eyes. "Boring!" She concluded, turning her head up towards the sky. "Boring, boring, boring!" With a flap of her wings, she took off into the clear sky and headed towards the building from the magpie's memories.

After perhaps an hour of flying, the magpie saw the distant walls, as well as her first human. Perplexed by the two-legged creature, she spiraled down to land on what she would later learn was called a cart. A much larger creature-a horse she recalled, from where she could not say- was pulling the device, guided along by the two-legged creature."Hello! Hello!" She chirped in greeting, wings fluttering with her excitement. The two-legged creature yelled out in surprise, and she almost toppled out of her seat.

"A-a talking bird?"Said the young female, her green eyes going wide with curiosity. "Who's your owner, little one?" Holding out a finger, the magpie took it as a sign she was welcome to rest on the two-legged creature's hand. Hopping onto the offered finger, she gave a song in reply- a happy, jaunty tune from the magpie's memories.

"Dunno! Dunno!"It was a half-truth, and as far as the magpie was concerned it would have to suffice for the two-legged creature.

Zepherine is, in a word, mischievous. She thrills in the adventure of stealing, with little to no care for the consequences. Although she is never intentionally malicious, she has earned no small amount of disrepute among the townsfolk of Banwalt for her tendency to go for their most valuable possessions with little regard for how it will affect them. Greedy by nature, she is always on the lookout for the next big heist; as such, she likes to follow particular people, especially those who appear to be richer than most of the other townsfolk. A natural thrill-seeker, she takes pleasure in taking risks; as far as Zepherine is concerned, the riskier, the better.

Beyond her mischievous nature, Zepherine is intensely interested in the goings-ons of humans and the world in general; were it not for her need for thievery, she could easily become a learned scholar. Aside from her natural curiosity and desire to learn, she is possessed by a soft-spot for the down-trodden members of society; beggars, serfs, and the destitute. In her own small, often contradictory ways, she tries to help. Zepherine will oftentimes leave bits of stolen food and jewelry to the most desperate members of society, in the hopes that it might help them in a small way.

From all outward appearances, Zepherine appears to be just like any other magpie. Small in height and sleight of weight, she easily blends in with the other mundane birds that tend to congregate about the city of Benwalt.
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