In a land much like ours...

Banwalt, one of the four marshes of Harlant, 1622. While the newest heir to the Arzswin family is trying to gain influence over the city, the once renowned city guard is struggling to keep theirs as the need for grand adventure steadily declines. Even in a world in which magic is commonplace, people are afraid of change.

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May 14 2017, 04:41 PM
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<div class="topo1"></div><div class="fundo1"><table><tr><td><div class="imagem1"></div></td><td><div class="titulo1">Like a funeral needs an audience</div><div class="subtitulo1">And like a skeptic needs a church</div></td></tr></table>

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<p>Dusk is the color of Sébastienne's dreams. There are stars in eir eyes; Sparkling, vast, unfathomable stars burning brightly fevering towards the heat death that will be the inevitable end of each. When ey smile, some of them die, explode in a supernova and fade away with eir laughter. </p><p>

Dawn is the color of Sébastienne's tears. There are diamonds on eir hands; Sparkling, compact, worthless diamonds fracturing easily cutting in eir tender flesh, leaving marks that will not fade with time and cannot be seen by anyone else. When ey ball up and coil tighter than a spring, some of them cut holes inside of em and bury deep within eir flesh.</p><p>

Night is the color of eir fears; Day is the color of eir hopes; Spring is the color of Sébastienne's life. There are multitudes in eir soul; Convulsing, endless, everchanging multitudes bleeding profusely spinning faster every minute of every day. When ey think, they are there, some of them ey know about; most of them, ey don't. </p>

Life is the color of Sébastienne, and ey know it. And Life knows it as well.


<div class="infos1">TAGGED: Stream of consciousness, flowery word nonsense, a lot of fun <3 </div></div><div class="topo1"></div>

Apr 24 2017, 04:39 PM
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<p>Sébastienne is quite proud that by now ey know the convoluted way from the castle's entryway into the quiet, secluded garden safely tucked away between brick walls and towering trees, so green they rivaled the deepest forest by heart. Not many know that it even exists; fewer still are allowed to pass through the secret passway's narrow halls, to see that which lies beneath the meekly looking wooden door below a spiraling staircase. The garden was used, of course, and used quite often - in festivities, in balls, in summer happenings on days that were just too beautiful to go to waste inside - but guests would never see the garden as it is now, tended to by its most frequent visitor. </p>

<p><b>"How are the flowers?"</b> Ey lets the door fall close behind them with a loud, rattling clash, and strolls over the well kept, lush grass towards eir young friend. <b>"Have they started talking to you yet? A quite funny little man told me that they start speaking if you're just nice and good enough to them. "</b>Ey gift him with a bright smile, eir eyes twinkling in the sunlight. </p>

<p>Ey've grown quite fond of the youngest of the Ebengruene's over the years - not only because he is the easiest to impress. Sébastienne has started to feel a certain kinship with the boy, and ey delighted in their visits. Ey would tell them stories, about emselves and the world, stories of things that were long past and wouldn't entertain even a polite servant's maid, stories of things so new that talking of them just yet would endanger their social status. Wargen didn't care about any of that - he is always content just to listen, and Sébastienne was content just to be.</p>


Apr 7 2017, 05:57 AM
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<p>It was always odd, being alone in the big house of eir family. Eir room seemed so small without eir siblings to share it, to squabble and chatter and fight with as siblings should, so stiff and cold. Sébastienne understood eir parents decision, of course; Mariella would go on to be the head of the family, inherit business and name, and it was only right that she should go to the best of the best of boarding schools to complete her formal education. And of course it wouldn't have done to have Thomás keep sharing a room with em still, now that he had reached the age of fourteen and her sister's had so conveniently become vacant. </p><p>

Ey had been fine with it when eir parents had announced it to em, and ey were fine with it now; but with the furniture moved from the wooden floors and the room half empty, ey couldn't help but want to run outside, grab for the blacksmith's hammer and tear down all the walls and all the doors in the manor. Living on grassy fields, Sébastienne decided then, sitting on eir silken bed sheets, eir legs crossed, must be the highest fortune of all. Living with no walls, no rules, no governor but the sky - the endless, blue sky, home and blanket and friend in the night. The sky was so old, surely it would offer much interesting conversation. </p> <p>

Sébastienne stared at the wall for a while, lost in thought of the friend above the clouds. Then ey let emselves fall to the side, eir head hitting a large, fluffed up pillow. Ey pulled up a blanket, pulled it close to eir heart, and buried eir face within the beloved cloth. One day, ey would go and live among the stars, where ey would never be alone again. There would be light all around em, and warmth and stories and laughter. Soft silk. One day, ey would shine bright among them, and there would be no more walls and doors to keep em from those ey longed to be with. Sébastienne would open them all, and eir siblings would be right there, laughing and shining with her. </p><p>

The blanket was warm, and the room dead silent. Dried tears made eir cheeks itch, and eir head was heavy and numb. Sébastienne thought about the clouds, and the stars, and mother sky, and imagined eir brother again, talking in big words and numbers ey couldn't yet understand, but talking so wonderfully that ey didn't mind. Sébastienne pulled the blanket closer once again, and not soon after drifted into an exhausted sleep. Ey dreamt of great fortune under the sky and open fields of grass, and by the time ey woke up int he morning, ey had all but forgotten the reason for eir feeling blue. </p>

Apr 4 2017, 12:26 PM
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<p>The air around em was filled with pleasant chatter and the delightful smell of freshly blooming flowers. As always, the annual spring ball sponsored by the three most wealthy citizens in all of Banwalt didn't lack in visitors. Already Sébastienne had lost the company ey came with in the large crowd. It must have been some time after they had passed the garish ice sculpture and had a good laugh about it - but Sébastienne wasn't overly worried. Eir comapny knew all too well how to behave among the rich and noble, and so did ey - for the most part. </p><p>

Never did ey feel more at home than surrounded by the rich and noble. With a quick step, Sébastienne made through the crowd, soon becoming part of it. Ey were wearing the latest Maenstat fashion, a finely stitched floral design on exquisite woven cloth, and enjoyed many a compliment for it. Eir laughter halled through the hall, as should be, and ey did not shy away from drawing attention to the new style of eir hair. It wasn't long before ey had greeted and bowed before all those who had name and rank, and was welcomed by the rest with open arms. Sébastienne was a highly regarded guest, in any function. </p><p>

Ey made eir way towards the dance floor, where marry men, women and those who weren't either took care not to step on each others feet to the rhythm of the music. Only when ey were close towards the edge of the floor did ey really start to listen to what it was that she was hearing. The music was not human; not entirely. In all her life, ey had only heard anything even remotely comparable once in eir youth. In a festival celebrating the past fifty years of Fortivstat's success, a group of nymphs had been invited to sing praise. Sébastienne had long forgotten the sound, but suddenly, it came back to em, and the lovely tone and sweet melody of the song ey had not heard before caused an undeniable itch in eir feet. </p><p>

Satisfying eir urge, ey grabbed the hands of the person standing next to em and whirled them off with em on the dance floor, swaying in the rhythm. Just after the two of them were already surrounded by other dancing couples did Sébastienne think to pay attention to eir dancing partner. "Excuse my brash behavior, I did not mean to interrupt your company", ey said with a laughing ring in eir voice, "But I simply must ask - would you care for this dance?" </p>

Mar 24 2017, 04:03 PM
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<div class='infoleft'>37</div>
<div class='infoleft'>Vidame Sovereign</div>
<div class='infoleft'>Human</div>
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<p>Sébastienne is the current Vidame Sovereign of the Banwalt city guard, and has worked hard all eir life to reach the status of quasi-nobility, power and influence that comes with the position. Ey love the pomp and privilege that comes with eir status, and dread the waning influence of the guard.</p>

<p>The seriousness with which ey go about their responsibilities and work and eir sheer endless drive to reach and keep what ey desire is in a stark contrast to eir personality in private contexts. Sébastienne is known to be fickle, often changing plans at the last second, and a bit of a dreamer, enjoying the whimsical and fast paced pastimes of eir time. </p>

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<div class='ccredit'><a href=''>thanks!</a></div></center></td></table>

<center><div style="width: 430px; padding: 3px; background-color: #fff; border:3px solid #5aa2ce; color: #000;">
<td style="width: 25%; fonts-size: 14; font-family: arial, sans serif; text-align: center; border: solid 1px #5aa2ce;">About Vermin</td>
<td style="font-size: 12; font-family: arial, sans serif; text-align: justify; padding: 5px;">I prefer short to medium posts (I usually write 3 max). I don't post splice, it's fine if you do. Open to all plots. </td>
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